El Centro Elementary students’ first day of school

El Centro families walk their children to school Monday for the start of classes at El Centro Elementary schools.

EL CENTRO – The new school year began Monday for El Centro Elementary students as parents and children gathered backpacks and supplies and headed off for their first day of classes.

On North Eighth Street, a crowd of parents and children rushed to the gates of McKinley Elementary School in apparent eagerness to get to school on time on the first day

For many, the start of schools all around the Valley signal the end of summer as most families readjust to new daily schedules for themselves and their children.

“When the school year starts, I and my husband have to get our children used to a set schedule again,” said Vanessa Martinez, a Lincoln Elementary School parent.

“Not only are we getting our children back on a routine, but we are trying to get our children used to coming home and doing homework so they don’t think school is really over when the bell rings at the end of the day,” said her husband, Richard Martinez.

Parents were informed that the Monday would be a half-day schedule with children leaving earlier, and parents waited in the multiple car lines around the city to pick up their kids.

The car lines were not the only crowded part of the school, as families with younger children were required to go directly onto campus to retrieve them to avoid any confusion for the students.

As El Centro’s 2017 first day ended, children and parents both looked forward to the adventures they will face throughout the school year together.

“Looking forward, I will be making sure my child is given the time he deserves outside of school to practice the material, to keep his progress moving forward,” commented McKinley parent Rachel Mendoza.


  1. Great that kids get education. Hope parents are involved and know what is being taught. Trump not in office long enough to stop hate groups and indoctrination of hate in our first grade. More history so kids know to learn from mistakes. Don’t destroy history.

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