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Pictured: Martha Singh, Ida Obeso-Martinez, Deborah McGarrey, Gabby Olguin-Nixon, Stella Jimenez, Maria Caldera, Rosyo Ramirez, Maria Peinado, Lupita Castro , Rebecca Terrazas-Baxter

The grant will go towards supporting students in Imperial County with Eleven scholarships to cover tuition, books, housing and other college-related expenses 

IMPERIAL – Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) presented a $10,000 grant to MANA de Imperial Valley for the organization’s college scholarship program, according to a SoCalGas press release. The grant will support scholarships for eleven college students, supplying them each with the financial support to cover costs for tuition, books, housing and other expenses. Scholarships will be awarded to students selected by the MANA de Imperial Valley chapter. 

"SoCalGas is proud to partner with MANA de Imperial Valley to support students within the communities we serve," said Deborah McGarry at SoCalGas in the press report. "The pandemic has been a challenge for so many families in so many ways and my hope is that this grant will assist some students to achieve a bright future." 

“MANA de Imperial Valley has witnessed the compounded financial need for students and their families as a result of the pandemic. We strategized and leveraged the support of community partners such as SoCalGas that understands scholarship support matters more now than ever to assist marginalized and underserved students wanting to attend college. MANA is grateful SoCalGas was proactive in hearing the echoing worries of students and agreed to align with MANA’s mission; to increase scholarship disbursements, alleviate financial barriers, and minimize inequities for students seeking a higher education," Martha Singh, MANA Scholarship Co-Coordinator, said in the press release. 

Each year MANA, provides scholarships to local high school and Imperial Valley College students committed to supporting the Mission of MANA. The Annual Las Primeras Scholarship Fundraiser serves as a source to fund MANA’s scholarship program as well as the generous donation of local businesses and the chapter membership. This year’s scholarship deadline is April 1. 2021. Applications are available on the Chapter’s website 

MANA de Imperial Valley is a local chapter of MANA, A National Latina Organization. MANA is a nonprofit, advocacy organization established in 1974. The Imperial Valley chapter has been in existence for over 25 years with a mission to empower Latinas through leadership development, community service and advocacy. 

SoCalGas' commitment to the communities it serves goes beyond providing customers with affordable, safe and reliable natural gas service. As a leader in the community, SoCalGas understands it has a responsibility to recognize organization such as MANA de Imperial Valley. “We decided to fund scholarships for girls in underserved communities of color – Imperial County is part of our service territory and we felt it was important to help support the children of farmworkers who work treacherously cultivating the food we put on our tables,” stated Sarita Figueroa, SoCalGas’ Community Relations Manager. “We understand that there are various education needs in the communities we serve. From digital divide issues to scholarships, we want to help make a difference.” 

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