SDSU Imperial Valley Campus

PROFESSOR JEANETTE SHUMAKER works with students in an SDSU IV summer freshman English course.

CALEXICO — Student enrollment in the 2019 summer session at San Diego State University Imperial Valley has increased dramatically over last year, spurred in part by expanded course offerings and an increase in student interest, according to a recent SDSU-IV press release.

A total of 320 students enrolled in courses during the one 13-week and two six-week sessions at the Imperial Valley campus, according to the report. That amounts to a 152% increase over last year’s summer enrollment of 211, and a 165% increase over the enrollment average of the last four summers. 

“There are a couple of factors that made a big difference,” said Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Roger Dunn in the release. “The enrollment staff did an excellent job of selecting courses the students want and need. And, students are becoming oriented to working through the system more efficiently so they can graduate sooner.”

The release said the increased course offerings included both required courses and those that become “bottle-necks” when there aren’t enough sections available to meet demand during the regular academic year.   

It was all part of an ongoing effort at the university to develop a summer session that better serves students, the report said. Additionally, there is more financial aid for tuition and fees this summer.

The spectacular summer enrollment increase at SDSU-IV comes on the heels of last fall’s enrollment increase to 1,025 students, which was the second highest in campus history, per the report.

The report said that in addition to the dramatic enrollment increase, this summer session is notable because it marks the first time in about 15 years that full-time, four-year degree students are taking courses at the Imperial Valley campus. 

As of fall 2019, SDSU Imperial Valley is offering a full-time, four-year criminal justice degree program. The campus will add a full-time, four-year psychology degree in fall 2020, according to the report.    

Some incoming freshmen eligible for the summer session are taking summer courses to get an early start to their college careers. That includes some freshmen enrolled in the full-time degree program and some who are in the part-time degree program called IVUP, which is offered through a partnership between SDSU IV, Imperial Valley College, and the Imperial County Office of Education, per the report. 

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