Imperial Valley College is soliciting public comment and input regarding its application for reaffirmation of accredited status. 

“We are actively reaching out to the community to obtain their comments about our institutional performance, as reflected in our just-completed Institutional Self-Evaluation Report,” said Martha Garcia, Superintendent/President in a recently released report.

 The electronic draft of the report is available on the IVC website at https://www.imperial.edu/faculty-and-staff/campus-committees/cart-committee/2018-institutional-self-evaluation-report/.

“The webpage includes a comments button by which members of the community can comment on the various sections of the report,” Garcia said in the release. A printed copy of the accreditation report also can be viewed in the President’s Office on campus during regular business hours.

Imperial Valley College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), a region made up of California, Hawaii, and South Pacific Islands community colleges, according to the college. Colleges are accredited on a six-year cycle. ACCJC recently changed to an electronic submission process.

The report said the Institutional Self Evaluation Report is a document prepared by administrators, faculty, and college staff over the past 18 months. It addresses more than 100 standards relating to Mission, Instructional Programs, Resources, and Leadership and Governance. The preparation of the document was coordinated by the Continuous Accreditation Readiness Team at IVC.

 According to reports, the final draft of the report will be approved by the Board of Trustees at its regular meeting in December. An evaluation team from ACCJC will visit the college in March 2019. 

 The college said the public also is invited to attend open meetings of the IVC Academic Senate and College Council to comment on the report prior to the Board of Trustees meeting in December. The Academic Senate will consider the report at their meetings on October 17 and November 7. College Council will consider the report at their meetings on September 26 and October 24. These meetings set aside time for public comment at the beginning of each meeting. More information on these meetings is available on the college website. The link to the Academic Senate page is https://www.imperial.edu/faculty-and-staff/campus-committees/academic-senate/. College Council information can be found at https://www.imperial.edu/faculty-and-staff/campus-committees/college-council/.

 Accreditation of institutions of higher education is a process by which colleges and universities demonstrate they meet baseline standards of good practice in order to receive federal funding. The US Department of Education has licensed six regional accrediting agencies; ACCJC is the only regional accreditor that works specifically with two-year colleges, per the report.

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