Memorandum Of Understanding--El Centro and Imperial Valley College

El Centro City Council members approve the memorandum of understanding Tuesday, April 20, between the City and Imperial Valley College to use the El Centro Community Center as classrooms to teach nutrition and exercise to adult and seniors. 

EL CENTRO — El Centro City Council members approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Imperial Valley College (IVC) during its regular meeting Tuesday, April 20, thereby allowing the community college to use the City’s facilities as classrooms. 

The MOU will encompass the period of July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023. 

“These courses will improve the quality of life for our residents by promoting healthy living,” said Adriana Nava, the City’s director of Community Services. Only noncredit courses will be offered. However, additional classes will be added if they meet enrollment requirements. 

“The classes were a hit and popular among the adult and senior population,” said Nava, referring to a similar arrangement with the community college in 2007. At that time, IVC provided free health and wellness classes for older adults and senior citizens.

This year, classes will have to meet the enrollment requirement of 20 students per class, said Nava. Otherwise, the class will be closed or canceled. 

According to the MOU, classes are offered noncredit and free to the community, including community service classes such as nutrition and exercises.  

Even though the classes were designed for El Centro residents, they are also open to adults and seniors from other towns, Nava said, because they, too, will likewise benefit from improved quality of life and a healthy lifestyle. 

In addition to El Centro, Imperial Valley College also has MOU’s with Brawley, Calexico, and Heber, according to Elizabeth Espinoza, IVC’s interim communications and governmental relations officer. 

Class instruction will take place at the El Centro Community Center where there is ample space to meet the “applicable COVID protocols and safety procedures under the guidelines of the Imperial County Public Health Department,” according to the MOU resolution. 

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