IVC Board President Mark Edney | Former Imperial Community College District Board of Trustee Area 1 Annette Gonzalez-Buttner 

IMPERIAL — The IVC Board has 60 days from the date of the vacancy to make a provisional appointment; otherwise, a special election would be called by the County at the College’s cost. The Board will conduct interviews and make the provisional appointment at a special meeting on Monday, August 2, 2021, at 6 p.m., according to a press release.

“The Board of Trustees will meet in open session to interview candidates and select an appointee. The provisional appointee would hold office until the next regularly scheduled election for the district governing board, which is November 8, 2022,” said IVC Legal Counsel William Priest. “The Trustee Area 1 seat will then be open to qualified candidates at that election and any person elected would hold the office for the remaining two years of the term.”

Qualified candidates must be registered voters and legal residents of Imperial Community College District, Area 1.

“Only individuals meeting these qualifications are eligible to fill this vacancy,” Priest said.

Residents who are interested in being considered for the vacant position are urged to consult a map of Trustee Area boundaries posted on the IVC website at: www.imperial.edu/area1vacancy

Application packets continue to be available at Imperial Valley College President’s Office 380 E. Aten Rd. Imperial; and at the following locations: Calexico Unified School District, 901 Andrade Ave., Calexico; Calexico City Hall, City Manager’s Office, 608 Heber Ave, Calexico; Calexico Post Office, 1101 Ollie Ave., Calexico; Heber Elementary School District, 1052, Heber Ave., Heber; Heber Public Utility District Lobby, 1078 Dogwood Rd. #103, Heber. The packet will also be available at the Imperial Valley College website at https://www.imperial.edu/area1vacancy.

The completed packets must be received at the Imperial Valley College President’s Office by noon on Thursday, July 29, to be eligible for consideration. 

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