IVC Career Fair 2019

Int. Communications & Governmental Relations Officer Elizabeth Espinosa (left) and IVC Economic and Workforce development coordinator Patricia Robles at IVC's 2019 Career Fair September 26.

IMPERIAL — Imperial Valley College conducted its 18th annual career fair September 26, open to the public, where 120 exhibitors filled the De Paoli Sports Complex gymnasium and even overflowed to the parking lot.    

“We put on this event in collaboration with numerous partners to benefit both our internal college students and we invite high school students as well as the broader community to participate so that they can access to all of the academic programs, transfer institutions, and get exposed to careers,” said vice president of academic affairs Dr. Christina Tafoya.

Aside from the hundreds of IVC students in attendance, roughly 700 event participants from local high schools were bussed over to the junior college for the event. 

“This event is incredibly big, especially for the kids, to come out and interact with everyone; a lot of this is building mentorships, not only just expanding on the idea of where or what they want their job or their career to be,” said Tafoya. “It’s a great network opportunity for the students as well.”

Reps from outside of the county such as Azusa Pacific, University of Arizona, and San Diego State (SD and IV campuses) participated in the career fair.

“When I came to school here, I used to come to these career days, and so coming here and just seeing all the opportunities that were presented to me when I was a student, I thought were so cool,” said Int. Communications & Governmental Relations Officer, Elizabeth Espinoza.  “Knowing how much my school cared about my future and my success was tremendous for me.”

The IVC career fair has been held annually since 2001.

“About a third of the exhibitors are from universities, one third are IVC departments, programs and student services, and the other third are companies, organizations, law enforcement agencies, and employers,” said IVC economic and workforce development coordinator Patricia Robles.

Live demonstrations also took place outside during the career fair in the parking lot, such as metal wire welding.

“We want the community and the students to see the linkage between IVC, other universities, and employment,” said Robles. “So that students can come learn about IVC opportunities to get their associates or certificate, talk to universities about transfer opportunities, and speak to employers about what is required for the students to work there.”

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