Since its inception, Imperial Valley College has been the home and community of students, faculty, administrators and trustees who all work together to help students achieve their dreams, said IVC’s press release. 

Throughout this year, the college have reflected on its core values, the release read, what and who it represents, as well as identity moving forward as they continue to adapt to a new reality.  

“As we are coping with our new reality, we find opportunities to continue to evolve, filled with hope, tremendous pride and gratitude.  IVC will be utilizing a new logo to represent innovation, optimism, freshness and a future for our students that is bright and full of possibilities,” said Superintendent/President, Dr. Martha Garcia in the release. “The college is creating the 2030 Strategic Educational Master Plan and we have many dreams for the future of this institution.” 

The news release said the new logo embraces the sun’s color and welcoming warmth, in which it represents the college’s team as it serves our students and community. It promotes the inclusiveness that the college offers to all who place their trust in IVC to advance their education. The new logo was recently released and has been seen on social media and billboards around Imperial County.   

Imperial Valley College honors and respects its history and traditional colors and will resort to utilize the original IVC logo when deemed appropriate. For now, the release said the college plans on using its new logo as the new year, 2021, approaches with enthusiasm and energized to pursue new possibilities.

 IVC’s new logo was created by a local independent contractor and IVC graduate, Roberto Pozos.  The college would like to say a special thanks to him and all those who have been involved with a new ongoing marketing campaign.

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