IHS Graduation 2019

JOSEPH SCARIANO joins the graduating class of 2019 after delivering his valedictorian speech and final goodbyes to his peers and IHS staff. 

IMPERIAL As another school year ends, Imperial High School held their graduation ceremony June 7, honoring 284 students who met the requirements to receive their high school diplomas.

Like all graduations, the evening started with graduates walking to the field with “Pomp and Circumstance” playing over the speakers. Once all were seated, the ceremony proceeded with welcoming remarks from Imperial High School Principal Joe Apodaca.

“It is great to have everyone here tonight and what an honor it has been for me to watch this class grow into the people they have become, and I just want to wish every one of you luck in the future, and I know you will all make the most of your life,” said Apodaca.

As the crowd cheered for these young adults, class president Arianna Cebreros led the entire audience in the flag salute. Then teacher Dennis Gibbs took the stage and sang the national anthem, followed by the seniors joining the high school chorus in singing “I’ll Always Remember You” by Mitch Allen.

Salutatorian Lauren Gieck took the stage next.

“I wanted to thank all of my graduating class for all the memories we have made over the past four years, and as we move forward to start the rest of our lives, I hope everyone finds what they are searching for, and even though some of us might never see one other again, we will always be remembered by this school and the time we spent as Tigers,” said Gieck.

As Gieck walked off stage, the crowd's attention turned to the east side of the football field. Christopher Scurries conducted the Imperial High band in their performance of “Homeward Bound” by Brant Karrick; the seniors joined in the last concert of their high school careers.

Once the stadium was silenced, valedictorian Joseph Scariano addressed his peers.

“We have come to an end of our high school lives, and while we all won’t go into the same careers in life, I just wanted to remind all of the graduating class to be the Tigers that we were born to be,” said Scariano.

The ceremony officially ended with a firework display that lit up the night sky for the 2019 graduating class.

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