BRAWLEY — Brawley’s very own Edith Alvarez will be in August’s edition of the CTAs (California Teachers Association) California Educator magazine discussing her role as a Generation Z teacher.

“I’m honored to represent BESD, especially the district I came out of,” said Alvarez. “Now I get to showcase it.”

California Educator is an award-winning publication that showcases teachers, students, teaching, and so on. The magazine is currently looking into the up-and-coming Generation Z — those born between 1995 and 2012. This particular group is of interest in the classroom since they have grown up with smart technology, 9/11, and strong environmental awareness to name a few examples.

Alvarez, a 5th-grade teacher at Miguel Hidalgo Elementary, said that she was approached by the magazine in March as a potential interviewee due to her birth year of 1995. She said they were looking for Gen Zers who were entering or already in the workplace and she fit the bill. The fact that she is married to another Gen Z teacher and Brawley native, Francisco Garcia, was a pleasant surprise to the magazine.

“They were excited to find two of us and within the same district!” said Alvarez.

Both Alvarez and her husband, a 6th-grade Myron D. Witter Elementary School teacher, are Gen Z, having grown up with advanced technology such as the internet, laptops, and smartphones. For the magazine, Alvarez gave a mathematics lesson using the technology available in her classroom and was interviewed on how she uses it to teach the next generation.

Technology is a tool that helps students learn in Alvarez’s classroom. She said the children are engaged and learn what she presents and the reporters saw that during her lesson. Even students who might be behind due to a lack of technology at home are able to keep up since she keeps it in the classroom for them.

“Instead of taking the technology away, why don’t we use it and build on those skills they already know?” said Alvarez on her lessons in the classroom.

With the 2019–2020 school year right around the corner, Alvarez already has plans to begin implementing new techniques, likely using technology to do so. 

Alvarez said she is honored to have been chosen to represent the Brawley Elementary School District. She was also humbled since she is proud to represent the school district she grew up in but is only a third-year teacher.

The article featuring Alvarez and Garcia will be in the August edition of California Educator.

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David R

Congratulations Edith Alvarez García. Recognition well deserved.

Good Job Kate!

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