BRAWLEY — Blue and gold streamers adorned Dragonfly Drive and Butterfly Boulevard at Witter Day School in Brawley June 4, as hundreds of elementary students arranged various lanes in the courtyard, anticipating the arrival of Brawley Union High School graduates for the fourth annual Senior Walk.

Four busloads containing nearly 200 students clad in gold and blue commencement gowns arrived at Witter Day School a quarter before 10.

The elementary school students held up congratulatory signs and cheered the graduates as they wound through the paths created by the energized little ones awaiting a high-five or fist pound.

“We have the seniors come in their caps and gowns while the students and the teachers cheer because it’s great for both,” said Bonnie Munguia, director of curriculum and instruction for Brawley Union High School District. “The high school students feel so great about their accomplishments and it also motivates the younger students so that they aim toward graduation as well. So, it’s kind of a dual win-win all over.”

The elementary schools in Brawley, the country schools, and schools in Westmorland participated in the event.

On June 3, the seniors visited Westmorland, Magnolia, and Sacred Heart.

“The communities of Brawley, Westmorland, and all of the schools that feed into Brawley High School are so fantastic, and they always open their arms to us and I think it’s that Brawley pride with Westmorland working together to help these kids graduate, go to universities, get great jobs, and just have an all-out fantastic future,” said Munguia.

Phil Swing, Oakley, Hidalgo, Witter, and Mulberry were the final schools for the Senior Walk 2019.

“I find it very exciting because it represents to our little ones to look forward to graduating and doing good in school so they can participate in the Senior Walk one day,” said Aces attendant at Witter Day School Corey Moreno. “I hope other schools get involved because it’s a great experience and it makes it all worth it when you see graduates walk the hall that you’ve taught and worked with as little ones.”

After the event, the BUHS graduates posed for pictures with loved ones, former teachers, and family members.

“During and after the senior walk I was really emotional but happy because I went to my old schools, saw my teachers cheering us on with posters with our names on them, and I realized that I’m finally graduating after four years of stress; that I finally did it,” said BUHS senior Klarissa Bravo. “We’re finally off to the real world.”

The Senior Walk was extra special for some graduates whose little, brothers, sisters, and/or family members currently attend the given school.

“During the walk, I felt happy that I was able to see my old teachers and it was such a great feeling seeing how excited the children and teachers were to see us,” said BUHS senior Mariah Aguilar. “It also made me feel emotional because high school seriously went by fast and now it’s officially time for the real world.”

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