2022 Holtville FFA Officer Retreat

Top row: VP Alondra Gonzalez, Parliamentarian David Magallon, President Gannon Strahm, Secretary Kat Grizzle. Bottom row: Sentinel Erika Hurtado, Reporter Valeria Velarde, Treasurer Lexee Roeseler, Historian Katie Stacey

HOLTVILLE — On June 30, 2022, the Holtville Future Farmers of America (FFA) student officer team went on a three-day retreat to a beach house in San Diego. There, they learned about servant leadership, how to fulfill their roles as officers, and effective mentorship. Every year, a new set of chapter officers and their advisors compile a plan to take a trip ranging from 2-4 days of training for their upcoming year. The officers themselves had a number of insights about the retreat.

Holtville FFA President Gannon Strahm stated that the retreat was an excellent opportunity to grow as a leader. “Retreat was so fun and I think we all learned super valuable lessons there. I’m glad we got to bond as a team and learn how to serve our chapter," said Strahm.

Chapter Treasurer Lexee Roeseler came away excited to serve this year. “Our annual FFA officer retreat was definitely one for the books,” said Roeseler. “We had such great bonding experiences as well as great lessons on how to be the best team in this upcoming year. I think it was also a small look into all the different activities we will be staying busy with and it all made me that much more excited for my year of service.”

Chapter Vice President Alondra Gonzalez believes this retreat set a positive tone for the year to come. “Officer retreat this year was really fun. I got to meet my teammates in a way that was truly fascinating. With every lesson we had, I learned a new thing. Retreat for me is really just an insight of what the next year will look like, and all I have to say is that next year will be a blast.” said Gonzalez.

The FFA is a student-run organization, so the officer team chooses the annual chapter theme. This year's theme is: Your Growth is Limitless. The student officer team planned the yearly calendar as well as a number of amazing ways to improve social skills, including practice for real-life scenarios that will be of great use in the future. Much of this information is on the chapter website that is being refreshed. The link to the website is here.

The officers then took time to set some goals for the chapter, the team altogether, and some personal goals to help them individually improve as people. Fun and important lessons were had in equal measure. The officers learned a lot of experiences that will help them greatly with the year as officers. Officer retreat is but a small insight into how busy the upcoming year will be for the student officers. The officers made new plans and goals. A notable goal is that two of the officers will begin visiting the middle school each month of the upcoming year to stay involved with younger members of the community.

The officers are very excited to get involved in improving our chapter and look forward with great anticipation to inspiring the chapter to stay involved in the community.

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