Jim_Shinn                For most people, DOMA means the Defense of Marriage Act and became law under President Clinton in 1996. DOMA basically reinforced God’s law that marriage was between a man and a woman.


That rule has been in existence since the Garden of Eden. Man began breaking the rule, probably, shortly thereafter. What we have had, ever since Adam and Eve, is a series DOMAs or the “Denial of Marriage Activities.”


Now in the Bible, there is no “Adam and Steve” so we have no same-sex models from the Bible. Homosexuality and the denial of marriage have been around since the Old Testament and I believe brother Paul condemns same sex activities in several books of the New Testament (1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Romans 1:26-270 etc.) There was major monogamy denial with King Solomon and his many mistresses.


Many are upset with the Supreme Court and their ruling that struck down the federal law that man/woman marriage was the law of the land. I was not happy, but I hardly blinked. They are just going with the flow. We have been breaking God’s laws big time for a long time so when the high court made their decision, I did not think they were high, but just legislating what was right in the eyes of many.


It is wrong in God’s eyes, but again, there is nothing new under the sun. Make no mistake, I did not say most, but just many. Marriage is and has been taking a beating for a long time. We shrug when people choose to live together before marriage. I have even heard of local pastors who have offered housewarming gifts to co-habitators.


Metaphorically speaking, things are going down the toilet. There is a love affair with darkness going on and it will continue. My dad left my mom 30 years ago and lived with another woman. Gay marriage isn’t the law of the land, but some folks will try to force the issue, here, there and everywhere. What are we to do in the meantime? We fight the good fight. There is no off season, and we continue to live in the light. There are consequences for the denial of marriage and the data shows that God’s way is the best, not only for the relationship but the family.


Research has been around for a long time that couples who live together don’t stay together, even though they later get married. Three quarters of those end in divorce. The stats are the same for teen marriages and those who have sex before marriage. Same sex marriage doesn’t work either. In European countries, where same sex marriage is legal, two facts stand out. Number one, very few gay folks get married, and when they do, what they try to do breaks up. Promiscuity is a big problem in the gay community and it will continue to wreak havoc on gay marriage. I have been invited to one gay marriage in my life. I didn’t go, and the marriage didn’t go the distance. It is just dumb to try to do something that just don’t work, but that is why the Bible refers to us as sheep.


What’s a man to do? We need to stay the course, pray for our families, friends and co-workers, but most important, we need to keep our families happy and spiritually healthy. Studies also show that if you pray with your wife, daily, your marriage has a 90% chance of success. Even though the American family is changing, we need to maintain healthy role models for the youth, and those who are broken.


Most folks don’t come to Christ, when everything is rosy. Those who choose the gay lifestyle or living together are going to hurt. We need to be there for a hurting world and give them the answer that is going to help restore them to joy and the hope of true happiness. God will bless our obedience and give us the witness we need to promote the truth in a lying world. And that is really the smart thing to do in a world that is dumb and getting dumber.