Dr. Ron Stillman honored at Brawley City Council meeting



Brawley City Councilmember George Nava, Mayor Pro-tem Helen Noriega, Dr. Ron Stillman, Mayor Sam Couchman, Councilmember Norma Kastner-Jauregui, and Councilmember Don Wharton during the presentation of recognition plaques Tuesday at the Brawley City Council meeting. Lloyd Miller photo.

BRAWLEY — The Brawley City Council held a special presentation Tuesday at its regular meeting to honor Dr. Ron Stillman, a local dentist, for distinguished service on the Brawley Library Board of Trustees and his generous support of the community of Brawley.

Mayor Sam Couchman proclaimed Tuesday, October 17, 2017 “Dr. Ron Stillman Day” in the city of Brawley.

In the proclamation, Couchman highlighted Stillman’s accomplishments in the community. Stillman was a professional dentist in Brawley for 36 years, and he has been a member of the Brawley elks Lodge #1420, holding various offices in the organization, including the scholarship committee and the Elks Dictionary Project, in which every third grader in the north end of Imperial County receives a dictionary.

Stillman served on the Brawley Library board of Trustees since 1995 as secretary. He also secured grants for top student readers and for the past three years, has put together 50 fully-loaded backpacks for students. Stillman has dedicated his life to the service of others, according to the proclamation.

“I appreciate this very much,” said Stillman. “I thoroughly enjoyed my years on the library board. Thank you for allowing me that opportunity to give back to the city of Brawley. The city of Brawley has given me way more than I could ever give back. I grew up here and was educated here. We have the greatest recreation program here. I’m going to miss you all.”

Stillman and his wife Debbie are moving to Hot Springs, Arkansas for his retirement.

Mayor Pro-tem Helen Noriega, who also served the library board, commented on working with Stillman.

“Ron has a passion,” said Noriega. “Whatever he does, he does it with his heart. His work with the library board and the Elks is exemplary. We are going to miss him dearly.”