Downtown Brawley has image and vacancy challenges



Abandoned downtown Brawley store front with questionable debris falling from the roof.


BRAWLEY – Brawley City Council touched on various issues that pertain to the downtown area at their Tuesday meeting.

Downtown Brawley has many empty buildings, including one that was burnt down during the rash of arson fires. Some damage is from the 2010 Easter earthquake.

There are new businesses coming into the downtown area.

Inferno Restaurant came in and transformed the space formerly occupied by a furniture store damaged in an arson fire.

The Desert Review moved into the downtown area helping to revitalize the area.

The city has partnered with Imperial Stores to get a discount on paint for residents and businesses.

DSC_5434The council received many complaints from residents about one downtown business that had painted the front of its building a striking lime green.

The owner had contacted city staff and was given permission to use the color.

The color is actually on the pallet of colors recommended by the City of Brawley in the Downtown Specific Plan called “asparagus.”

City staff contacted the owner of the building and the owner said that they were not happy the way the color turned out. They will repaint the building to tone it down.

“I like the color,” said Rosemarie Wood, Director of North County Coalition of the Arts. “I would suggest to trim it in a dark green. I believe more color downtown will bring more businesses and retail traffic.”

Council directed staff to find a professional design person to help with the color pallet and make further suggestions on paint color direction that would enhance Brawley’s downtown area.





  1. Try working with a professional paint store that employees paint designers. We did it for our HOA and Frazee did a fabulous job.

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