Doc’s Organics hosts grand opening of organic packing facility

The Dockstader family along with other major supporters cut the ribbon for Thursday’s grand opening of Doc’s Organics in Brawley.

BRAWLEY - Doc’s Organics held a ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration Thursday to kick off a new business adventure as organic produce packers. The founders expressed their gratitude for the immense amount of support from the community as they embark on the venture.

Gina Dockstader, one of the founders of Doc’s Organics, helped organize the event to officially open the doors and she thanked all of the people who helped build the shed.

“Thank you to those boys that woke up at one or two or three in the morning, coming to work, sacrificing your Saturdays, going home grumpy and tired to your wives and girlfriends, just to do it all over again the next day. We truly appreciate each and every one of you,” said Dockstader.

Having an organic packing company in the Imperial Valley is important to the Dockstader family because their organic produce is required to be packaged on an organic line. Dockstader said this will help them with packaging and selling their organic products, as well as a lot of other growers.

“Organic is the way of the future,” said Dockstader.

Currently, organic growers in Imperial Valley have to ship their produce out of county for packing in Yuma, then shipped from there. With Doc’s Organics, produce will no longer need to be shipped out of the county, all work is kept in the Valley.

Ryan Kelley, an Imperial County supervisor, welcomed Doc’s Organics to the community and expressed his excitement to have this new addition in Imperial Valley.

“When you think of Minute Maid orange juice, or grapefruit juice, you think of Florida. Well, let’s change that. Let’s think of Imperial Valley as where you’re going to get your citrus from. Doc’s Organics is going to be a huge piece of that,” Kelley said.

After giving thanks to all who helped, the Dockstader family and other major contributors gathered to cut the ribbon and officially open the organic packing shed.

According to the family, Doc’s Organics began as an idea that was formed into a plan and executed in approximately six months. The Dockstaders and several other entities ended up investing an estimated $7 million in the facility.

Dockstader said she is glad Doc’s Organics will be able to help other local organic orchards, and looks forward to creating new job opportunities and starting a new adventure.