Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?


Highway through prairie
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o you want the answer?

Well the answer is NO?

The next question is “Which road does lead to heaven?”

Well that is little trickier. If you want answers to some unending questions like this, come to Valley Baptist Church (VBC) on Sunday, Sept. 20 at 10:30 in the morning. You may be confused as to which way to go to get to heaven, but you will get a clear picture of His perfect path.

The church is having a Revival and the goals are to teach some good news, get together some good friends, hear some great worship music and of course get more of your family and friends to heaven!

The message will be delivered by Pastor Jim Dougherty who recently took over the reins of Valley Baptist Church at 7th and “B” Street here in Brawley. He has preached at revivals with thousands of folks in the L.A. area. The shepherd of VBC will guide you on the path to paradise.  Come hear Pastor Jim since he will do a better job than me.

road signsI am a counselor and a writer; I am also a pointer in the right direction. I am pointing you to the revival, and if you come you will have a great time, and hopefully a time of revelation, salvation and celebration. You can go to your own church, but if you want to dine on the Daily Bread elsewhere, come on down. Sometimes it is neat to try the other flavors of faith!

I love worship and the College and Career Band (CCB) will be leading the charge. The group is locally talented adults from several different denominations/churches who come together in unity, spirit and worship. If you have heard them, tell others. If you haven’t heard of them, well it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to get acquainted with their worshipful ways. They will perform both hymns and contemporary songs, and you will be blessed. If you don’t have a church, come on down and enjoy the CCB at VBC and maybe find the church you have been looking for.

God is waiting for you, so all you have to do is show up and He will do the rest through His children. The One True Shepherd is waiting to guide you home.

signpostThese are the end days, and there is a lot of confusion, false teachers, and just a lack of truth. Some faiths teach there are many ways to heaven. Others teach it is about what YOU do, that gets you to heaven. The truth is in the Bible and it will be taught. There are many ways to get from Brawley to El Centro, but only one way from Brawley to heaven.

I love to travel and on occasion, I am very willing to stop and ask for directions. I don’t believe real men won’t ask for directions. God’s Words says we need to seek wisdom for daily problem solving, but guidance to heaven is found in the Rand McNally for the Righteous (the Bible). You are only righteous because of what Jesus did on the cross. God wants to help you on your journey, which really has no end, but there is a destination.

Do you know where you will go when your end comes? Do you have comfort and help in times of trouble and loss? You don’t have to go it alone. The Revival has come to show you the way – or to get you moving in a better direction. If you have questions, call the church at 344-3831. Even better, call a friend or send a text to someone in need of revival. Come on down, and as we travel closer to heaven, let’s get a few more on board!