“DNC”- Does Not Care


For about half the population, DNC refers to the Democratic National Committee. I am a life- long Democrat. Excuse me while I duck! My Democratic Party membership goes back into the days when I was much more liberal. It also relates to a basic philosophy about government. As a “people person,” counselor, and social worker, I have always felt the Democratic Party was more about doing for the people in need, than the Republican Party. The role of government is one of the many issues on which people make a decision about political party membership and voting. I have always voted for principles and personalities, rather than along party lines. When I was younger, and not a Christian, I voted more democratic. After becoming a re-born Christian about 15 years ago, my voting and many other things about my life have changed.

As a social worker and someone committed to public service, working with poor people and those with needs (aged, disabled, single-parents, etc.), has affected my political judgment. Historically, business folks vote more Republican, and social servants vote more Democratic. In the last decade, I have become disappointed in government efforts in most areas. The inability or unwillingness of our fearless leaders to deal with the New River and the Salton Sea are both bodies of water, and governmental failure. Our social welfare system has been more of an enabling system, i.e. a handout, rather than a hand up. Government has been falling short to meet many needs, for a long time.

After the election, I am leaving the Democratic Party, never to look back. For me the Democratic National Committee (DNC) D-oes N-ot Care! This year, the Democratic Party put it in their platform clear statements about their support for abortion and gay marriage. To be honest, I don’t read the platforms, but usually vote based on principles. I have been pro-life for a long time, and have not voted for a pro-abortion candidate for over a decade. Some candidates do not share their stance on controversial issues, so you have to go to the website or call their office. I have done both in the past to direct my path in the voting booth.

The DNC doesn’t care about people, or for that matter, about how we feel or about our values. Most folks are against abortion. In all the state elections about the defense of marriage, the people have consistently stated with their feet and their vote that they support marriage as being between a man and a women. The fact that the DNC doesn’t get it for many just D-oes N-ot C-ompute! It is obvious that the party of the people has become a party of a portion of the people. What we have is a small number of voices, drowning out the majority. Some may call it leadership. I call it a “lordship;” where a minority are dictating what they think is best for the majority.
While a school employee, our state school employee union donated “A Milliion Dollars” to defeat Proposition 8. We are people hired to work with kids. What does gay marriage have to do with education of children? Nada! Zilch! Again, Does N-ot C-ompute, unless you understand they were just political monies paid to promote a petite plan. I call it the tyranny of the minority. I, and others, got out of the union. I am retired from education, and I am glad my money doesn’t go to the union’s pathos.


Come November 7th, I am divorcing myself from a gay promoting marriage with the Democratic Party. If a Democrat is pro-life, I will give them serious voter consideration, but membership, no more! Please get out and vote, and read platforms, websites, and brochures so we don’t get sold a bill of goods….I mean a bill of bads!  Unless, that is, U D-N-C!