Do you want to go to the Salton Sea for vacation?

MAYBE NOT! But many years ago, people went to the Salton Sea to have fun and play in the water!

Before that, the Salton Sea was called “sink,” since all the water in the Imperial Valley ended up there. In 1905, a big storm flooded the Colorado River. When the river overflowed, the sink began to fill. Now, the Salton Sea is the biggest lake in California!

Although, it’s no longer a tourist attraction, the Salton Sea is still home to the endangered brown pelican and desert pupfish. Even though it’s a bit stinky, birds still travel there for food. Because so many birds live at the Salton Sea, a sport called birding has become popular. People from all over the country visit the Salton Sea to watch birds eat, make nests, and fly. Have you ever seen the Salton Sea up close?


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