Goats are typically farmed for their milk, meat, and fur. There are many different types of goats. Some types are Boer goats, Pygmy goats, Angora goats, and fainting goats.

Goat milk can be used to drink, make different kinds of cheeses, and other dairy products. Since they have soft insulating hairs, their fur is used commercially to make down, cashmere, and wool.

Goats’ diet consists of eating plants, such as flowers, trees, shrubs, hay, and other grains. Alfalfa is a common food for goats. The Imperial Valley is home to many alfalfa fields, in 2017 there were 151, 620 harvested acres of alfalfa.

Because goats like to eat plants, some people use them as lawn mowers! They will let goats wander their overgrown yards and trim their grass and bushes by eating them.


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