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DKN: Obsidian

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DKN: Obsidian

Do you play Minedraft? If you do, then you’ve probably seen obsidian! Obsidian is a rock that forms when molten hot lava is cooled down rapidly. It cools down so rapidly it crystalizes and looks like glass. 

Obsidian can be found where lava contacts water or where lava can be cooled by the air. For example, obsidian can be found in really cold places where volcanoes. The lava hits the cool air, and crystalizes. Lava can also be found on islands where volcanoes erupt. The lava travels to the ocean and cools rapidly. 

Obsidian can be found all over the western United States, including Imperial County! There is lots of obsidian in the Valley. In Imperial County, there’s a spot called the Obsidian Butte near the Salton Sea where tons of old obsidian has been found!



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