Rudy and Emma are so excited to go back to school! Are you? When it is time to go back to school, Rudy, Emma, and you will need to keep following certain rules to make sure you don’t spread germs. What does that mean?

Right now, we have to wear masks, stay six feet apart, and wash our hands a lot. We aren’t supposed to touch or hug people from outside of our house, even if they are your friends or family. When we go back to school, you still need to wash your hands regularly and follow any other rules your parents and teachers tell you.

It might be hard to not hug your friends or give your teachers a high five, but it’s important to follow these rules to keep yourself, your friends, and your family safe from germs. Instead of hugging a friend or teacher, wave hi to them!

Instead of giving high fives, tell them how you feel. If you feel excited, tell them you feel excited! If you feel proud or happy, tell them! Even when you feel sad or angry, tell your friends, teacher, or parents. It will make you feel better and help stop the spread of germs! 


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