Dinosaurs Walked Again at First Imperial Valley Jurassic Quest

Six year old Maya Castillo from Temecula is gentle as she pets Mo the Dakota raptor.

IMPERIAL— Dinosaurs came to life at the Imperial Valley Expo fairgrounds this weekend with the animatronic dinosaurs of Jurassic Quest.  Calexico resident Maggie Romero just had to bring her five year old daughter Sophia.

“She’s huge on dinosaurs and I had to bring her here,” said Romero.

Jurassic Quest is the largest traveling animatronic dinosaur show in North America.  The show got its start three years ago with a vision to bring dinosaurs to life and since then has grown considerably with tours all over the United States two cities at a time.  Within a year the show will have been in at least 47 cities in the U.S.

The fairgrounds were filled with close to 50 dinosaurs that towered over people’s heads and moved, blinked, and roared at them in exhibit.  The larger exhibit had educational

Children interacting with one of three baby dinosaurs at Jurassic Quest.

information on every dinosaur on display from the recognizable Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus to some not so well known.

Children are able to participate in hands on activities such as fossil digs, fossil casting, and interactions with walking and baby dinosaurs.  Other activities included rides on some of the smaller animatronic dinosaurs, dino jumps, and green screen pictures.

“The owners loved dinosaurs and wanted to bring that love to life,” said media representative Nicole Lavene.

The many happy smiles of both children and adults at the event agree this was an idea that needed to happen.

“It was awesome, really, really, awesome!” said an excited six year old Kaiya Nunez after getting off the dinosaur ride.

Isabel Ornelas and her sister have love dinosaurs since “Jurassic Park” was first released and were more than excited to bring their children to the fairgrounds.

“It’s just a fascination with them,” said Ornelas about the dinosaurs, “We wish this could be here every year.

“Bringing it down here was a great thing,” said Steven Norwood from El Centro, “We don’t have a lot of events for the kids here in the valley.”