Desert Wrestling Entertainment Presents Saturday Night Slam

Desert Wrestling Entertainment Superstar Marriha Moreno looks to the crowd for support during the Saturday Night Slam.

EL CENTRO — The intensity was so thick at Desert Wrestling Entertainment’s Saturday Night Slam you could cut it with a knife. A night full of smarmy clichés and high-flying maneuvers, put together by DWE in collaboration with Sparta Boxing, had the gym’s back-lot jam-packed Saturday.

As soon as the first bell rang, the blue-masked good guy, Espiritu instantly had the crowd involved when he jumped on the turnbuckle and pounded his adversary with the spectators counting off every single one of his ten punches.

The pro-hero audience consoled their favorites even in defeat with cheers of encouragement.

In a different bout, the heavy fan favorite, DWE masked prodigy Onyx, mesmerized the crowd with a big frog-splash finisher off the top ropes and a number one pointed up toward the sky during the three count.

Onlookers eagerly anticipated Donnie Suarez and Marriha Moreno knuckling up with Dicky Mayer and Ty Ray in tag-team action to once and for all settle an ongoing Internet beef.

Dicky Mayer got the house riled up during his speech before the bout.

“I look out at the crowd and see a bunch of idiots,” Mayer ranted. “There should have been more of you out here to witness my greatness,” he declared as he strutted around antagonizing the spectators in classic fashion, like Ravishing Rick Rude and all the other legendary heels before him.

Aside from the suplexes, leg drops, and neck breakers that were exchanged between Donnie Suarez and Ty Ray inside the squared-circle, the real drama was unfolding outside.

The crafty Dicky Mayer distracted the referee when he tossed Marriha Moreno off the apron and into the crowd. And Ty Ray slyly utilized an illegal low blow while the referee was diverted to incapacitate and pin Donnie Suarez for the upset victory.

An enraged fan hopped onto the ring and personally called out Dicky Mayer as security intervened.

Among the spectators was ten-year-old Victor Cesena of El Centro.

“It was crazy to see someone get thrown like that into a bunch of chairs,” Cesena excitedly replied when asked about his favorite moment of the night.


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