Desert Trails Golf Course sponsors glow ball match

Golfer Jimmy Sparks tees off on hole six during the Desert Trails Golf Course glow ball golf match July 19 in El Centro.

EL CENTRO – The Desert Trails RV Park and Golf Course hosted a friendly glow ball golf match July 19 and members of the community came out to play in a night game that utilized glow-in-the-dark golf balls and flag poles, giving golfers clear targets.

The Desert Trails course on Wake Avenue consists of a nine-hole course located in the heart of the RV park. It is open year-round and features the only driving range with lights, giving golfers the opportunity to play at night and beat the Valley heat.

Seventeen participants entered the glow ball match and were split up into four teams to keep the pace of play going.

Neon colors glowed throughout the course as tee-off areas were marked with blinking LED lights that gave golfers a path to follow out on the darkened course. Golfers were also given glow sticks to wear, allowing others to see players on the course to avoid injuries. Golfers shot each hole twice on the nine-hole course, making it a full round of golf.

Jimmy Sparks made the first shot of the match from hole six, sending his glowing golf ball soaring and leaving a green streak that sliced through the air until it landed on the green with a good chance for a birdie. Following the first shot by Sparks, the rest of the sky lit up with pink, green, blue, and red luminescent golf balls as the other teams began.

Desert Trails will host this event once a month for the remainder of the summer to give locals the chance to play a casual round of golf without enduring intense weather. The money raised will go back into the course, to keep the greens nice and provide other amenities going for the members and residents.