Customer Service


Jim_ShinnHave you heard anyone say, “There is no customer service in Imperial Valley?” Well I have. And it is a lie! I want to say that my experience may be different than yours. If you have had bad experiences than I say just two words: “Shop around.”

Bad service comes from two sources: Lazy people and organizations that don’t have customer service as a priority. It can happen, but people need to step up. I will tell you a little about my unique spin on service but I want to give some props to some local folks.

Friday, it was raining really hard. (I don’t want to say it was raining “cats and dogs” because then I will get letters from PETA!) And all of a sudden, WHACK! My windshield wiper, driver’s side, flies off the glass into oblivion.

A few weeks earlier, I was thinking that it may be time to replace them, and the hand of God (not really!) knocked the wiper off and me into action. It was raining hard, but I knew I needed my car later. I drive a Prius, a Toyota product, so when I got home, I called the dealership (Rogers & Rogers).raining cats and dogs

I don’t know her name, but the woman in service, said come on down and we will take care of it.

I always bring a book to many customer service situations, and so should you. It will prevent a lot of pain and frustration if you have a good book to read while you ruminate.

I didn’t even crack a page this time. When I arrived, I was told to go to parts, purchase the new blades, and they would be installed. Bamm! It all happened as ordained by the queen of the service department!

I was out of there in 10 minutes, and the view of the world around me was crisp and clear, in spite of the rain. I was truly blessed, but the day wasn’t over.

chips and guacamoleI have to go out to eat, at least once on the weekend. Saturday evening, the rain had abated and I was feeling the need for a little guacamole and salsa to take the chill out my bones.

I called Sobe’s, here in El Centro. I didn’t even talk to Sobe, who is a friend, and the lovely lady says, come on down in 10 minutes. Bamm!

It was fast food with a great price since we don’t have to worry about tip or drinks. Feeding the family for less than twenty bucks and getting service in a dime!

We are all called to provide quality customer service. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We should “work as un to the Lord” if you are a Christian.

When I opened my counseling center, I wanted us to be different. As a former waiter in a Mexican restaurant in San Marcos, I learned about feeding the masses. We try to do three things: 1) Return all phone calls within 24 hours 2) Schedule appointments ASAP and lastly, and most unique 3) clients are all offered a free bottle of water. We may not fix your family, but we will handle your thirst!

Thank those who provide good customer service, and if it is lacking, don’t hesitate to tell someone of your frustration. Good customer service can come from good consumer service. Once again, I was a satisfied customer.Blog-customer-service