County to upgrade air quality measuring mechanisms


Air Quality


EL CENTRO — In 2011, the EPA conducted an audit and found the Imperial County Air Quality Control deficient in their air monitors’ technical and structural integrity. As a result, the county’s Air Pollution Control Officer, Brad Poiriez, contacted other Air Districts, the State of California, and private vendors to assess upgrades to meet the federal standards.

The cost to meet the minimum standards will run approximately $221,239.00 according to Poiriez.

To meet standards, the county must upgrade the security of the monitors as well as technical parts. The county intends to utilize a portion of the DMV fund balance towards the purchase of new shelters, cameras and associated computer hardware and software, and the purchase of a new network drive to store all the data files.

The DMV Fund was established by the State to enable air quality districts with their maintenance and attainment of Ambient Air Quality Standards. This expenditure is consistent with the board’s position on mechanisms to improve Imperial County air quality and monitoring progress towards compliance with ambient air quality standards, according to Poiriez.

The board voted 5-0 to approve the expenditure.