County and Cities Fight Blazing Fire In Calexico

gp fire
Courtesy photo by Mi Calexico

CALEXICO – Yellow and red fire trucks and engines overtook the parking lot shared by several small businesses after firefighters responded Monday afternoon to a cloud of black smoke emitting from the Garcia Shopping Center.

Black smoke covered the western Calexico skies from the out of control fire which damaged five buildings.

The Calexico Fire Department responded first to smoke and flames apparently coming from the 438 Grant Street Garcia Shopping Center, moving quickly throughout several adjacent businesses in the area.

“We received a report of heavy smoke and fire from the area of the Garcia Food Center that happened to be a fire involving the facility to the south of it (GP Recycling Center) and we began to extinguish what we could,” said Pete Mercado, Calexico Fire Chief. “There are a total of four to five buildings affected by this fire, but right now it is really hard to tell since we are still combating this fire.”

The GP Recycling Center is located at 711 Cesar Chavez Street, directly behind the Garcia Shopping Center.

Mercado also said that numerous vehicles and equipment located inside the recycling center sustained damages.

Imperial Irrigation District officials who were also at the scene said over 1,000 customers had no electricity and that power would be restored as soon as it became safe.

The cause of the fire is unknown and is currently being investigated by the Calexico Fire Department.

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