Barbara Worth Fundraiser for End of Year Trip


 BRAWLEY – Last minute Mother’s Day gift worries can be put to rest this year.  The students of Barbara Worth Junior High School will be selling Mixed Bag Designs products as a fundraiser for their end of the year field trip.

Each class has a different trip to fund.  Eighth graders will be going to the Museum of Tolerance.  7th graders will be headed for the University of San Diego and the San Diego Zoo.

However the students have to be in good standing with their academics, no poor behavioral issues, and good attendance in order to participate and go on the field trip.  Attending students also receive an extra credit incentive according to 8th grade history teacher Lena Otero.

The idea came from brainstorm sessions searching for a unique and original idea for a fundraiser that would center around Mother’s Day.   Benny Nemlowill, the district school psychologist, was the one to make the suggestion.  The Mixed Bag Designs fit that with its eco-friendly bags and various patterns.

“I’ve had students telling me they would love to see their mothers with these bags,” said Otero.

“I heard the word ‘cute’ multiple times, even an ‘adorable’,” said Principal Bryn O’Donnell when asked about the fundraiser.

Every purchase made will give 50% back to the school, tax free, according to O’Donnell.  Online orders are available as well, however only 40% will be given to the school from those. To order online, go to  then add the ID 192519.

The fundraiser is not limited to bags either.  Other accessories will be for sale such as iPod cases, iPad and tablet sleeves, cups, and various other items will be available for order.

The Associated Student Body made fliers which are posted in locations around Brawley that include The Rock Cafe, Vons, The Doughnut Shop, Pioneers Memorial Hospital, BUHS, and all four elementary schools.

The fundraiser will run as of this week to April 16th.

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