Can’t We All Just Get Along?



I was up in Flagstaff, AZ for a family get-together a while back and we had a great weekend. If you have never gone, check it out. It is up in the mountains of Arizona and it’s beautiful, blue skies and tall pines. Even though it is June, there was snow on the San Francisco peaks overlooking the very cool university town.


As we were cruising around, I saw the “COEXIST” bumper sticker. It wasn’t the first time as it has been making the rounds for several years. If you haven’t seen it, it is the word “coexist” but each letter is made with a different symbol.


The first letter, “C” uses the crescent moon, which represents Islam, and the last letter “T” uses the Christian symbol of the cross. All of the middle letters also are represented by symbols.


It is a nice creative effort to conceal the destructive nature of man. I do desire to coexist, as a member of my neighborhood, my city, as an American, etc. Unfortunately, the world is not according to my designs, nor are bumper stickers.


There are people out to get us! Now I am not paranoid, because if someone is out to get you, it is good to be cautious. Paranoia is fear of that which doesn’t exist. Do not be afraid of terrestrials, but do drive defensively. People run stop signs every day, so be a cautious driver.


There are many groups and nation-states that state clearly and honestly, want to see the end of Israel. If you read just a little news from the Middle East and Africa, there is no interest in coexistence. Christians are being kidnapped/killed just because of their faith and the evil hearts of the other party.


Everyone getting along and living together is a nice idea, and great content for an old John Lennon song—but if we just look around, the truth comes crashing down on notions of coexistence.


The Nazi’s really wanted to get rid of the Jews and they would have, except for world opinion. Communist Russia (and China) really did want to “bury us.” But they didn’t. Neither wanted to coexist but dominate and leave the word genocide on the hearts and minds of the conquered.


Gulags show there was little tolerance in communist Russia. Islamic fascists really want to get rid of Israel, the Jews and also the “great satan”—the United States.


I’ll bet you will never see that bumper sticker in Iraq or Iran! Anyway, most folks on the planet are OK with you and me, but as we know, it just takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch, and one nuke can ruin a whole lot of applesauce.


I think it is good to be idealistic. I support university thinking to encourage young people to want a better world. It is also good, healthy and wise to be realistic.


I don’t have a suggestion for better bumper sticker about the human condition, but here’s one I came up with that I think might be a crowd pleaser: “If I get in a wreck, it is because I was distracted by my beautiful wife!” We’ve been coexisting for about 25 years!