Clay Walker comes to Brawley with downtown concert



Country entertainer Clay Walker thanks fans as he ends his debut concert in Brawley, CA. Abbie Solarez photo.

BRAWLEY — The Brawley Chamber of Commerce and MEKLi, a mineral extraction company, brought in country music entertainer Clay Walker Saturday night to downtown Brawley for a concert to end the Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo week.

Walker had major hits in the mid-nineties including his first single “What’s It To You,” “Live Until I Die,” “Dreaming With My eyes Open,” “If I Could Make a Living,” “This Woman and This Man,” and “Rumor Has It,” all of which were number one hits.

Walker was nominated and has won several awards in country music. The platinum recording artist has released 11 albums and charted 30 singles.

The concert was open to the public and numbers for attendance were about 5,000. Numbers were expected to be higher, but the Saturday evening rodeo was advertised to start at the same time. The Saturday evening rodeo was sold out, but rodeo fans were able to catch most of the show. Walker took the stage after 10:00, giving rodeo fans a chance to make the trek from Cattle Call Park to downtown Brawley. Walker played a longer than the 11:00 p.m. advertised time until almost midnight.

The stage for the concert was placed in the middle of Main Street by Plaza Park and traffic was diverted. Sound and production for the concert was professionally done and the crowd loved every minute of the show. Walker did his hits and some of his favorite covers of other songs with a screen behind the band showing visuals, including shots of Brawley.

Walker is the CEO of MEKLi and is in the Imperial Valley periodically, according to Diane Williams, investor in MEKLi. MEKLi is extracting lithium from the Salton Sea. Walker hopes to return to Brawley again to do another show.