Brawley revises Credit Card Acceptance Policy



BRAWLEY – At their regular meeting of Tuesday, October 15, the Brawley City Council approved revisions to the Credit Card Acceptance Policy.

The City of Brawley began taking credit card payments for utility bills, Brawley Police Department, and Parks and Recreation in April of 2012 as a convenience to the community.

The majority of transaction activity is in the Utility Billing Department.

The costs associated with the collection of these fees are averaging $22,000 per year.

City staff proposed some changes to reduce some of these costs.

A limit of $1,000 payments would save the City approximately 38% of merchant fees. Most of the $1,000 or higher payments are for Franchise Fees, Transient Occupancy Tax, and Building Permits (impact fees).

The Council unanimously approved the limit of $1,000.

Credit card users may also sign up to have monthly utility bills charged to their cards.

The City will continue to absorb transaction fees.