City of Brawley enhances emergency water conservation measures to coincide with State of California




BRAWLEY - Even though Brawley has exceeded the mandated state reductions, they are required to continue to participate in the conservation measures. therefore, residential customers must try to reduce their daily water use.

California State Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order on April 1, 2015, to the California State Water Board to implement mandatory water reductions in cities and towns across California.

Using 2013 data, the reductions were to be 25% of 2013 usage. The City of Brawley reduced their usage during this same time frame to 43%. This is well over the mandated 25% reduction by the Governor.

The State Water Board places each urban water supplier into one of 9 categories for conservation standards, ranging between 8 and 32 percent. The conservation standard for the City of Brawley is 32%.

The updated emergency prohibitions include:

  • Application of water to hard surfaces
  • Watering of outdoor landscapes that cause runoff
  • Using a hose without a shutoff nozzle to wash cars
  • Using potable water in a fountain or decorative water feature unless the water is recirculated
  • Irrigation of turf or ornamental landscapes during, and 48 hours following, measurable precipitation
  • Restaurants may only serve water on request
  • Hotels and motels must give guests the option of not having towels and linens laundered daily and must display this option in each guestroom
  • Notification to customers about suspected leaks on customer premises
  • Monthly reporting to the State Water Board by the water supplier

The new prohibited uses of potable water are as follows:

  • Irrigation of turf in street medians
  • Irrigation outside new homes and buildings unless done with a drip or microspray system

The new requirements for self-supplied businesses and institutions, such as schools and hospitals are as follows:

  • Reduce potable water by 25%, or
  • Limit outdoor irrigation with potable water to no more than two days a week

The new requirements for urban water suppliers are as follows:

  • Meet a conservation standard
  • Report monthly use by commercial, institutional, and industrial customers


  • First violation – written warning
  • Second violation – final written warning
  • Subsequent violations – $100 fine