City of Brawley enforces clearing of downtown sidewalks



BRAWLEY – The City of Brawley has successfully cleared the downtown sidewalks of clothing and other merchandise.

Under the City Ordinance No. 2013-02, passed in December, 2012, businesses that wish to use public sidewalks as a sales area for their merchandise must retain a permit.

The permit, if granted, would require a fee in addition to the business license that is also required.

Sidewalks are open for pedestrian traffic and a cleaner looking downtown is the result of the ordinance.

For months, and for some, years, the City has requested that the sidewalks be kept clear.

As a part of the Brawley Downtown Specific Plan, businesses will no longer be allowed to operate illegally and must obtain a permit to sell merchandise on public sidewalks.

Downtown Brawley has recently experienced some major fires. Two of the biggest fires have resulted in two large burnt-out buildings that have no plans to rebuild.

The steady migration of businesses moving elsewhere and the clutter of clothing and used household items on the sidewalks have added to giving downtown Brawley a less than desirable look according to the City Council.

On the brighter side, there are some businesses that keep up their buildings and storefronts.

New ventures are beginning to show promise like Christine’s Restaurant, where numerous cars are seen patronizing their business daily.

Victory Outreach Church has remodeled their building, after moving from across the street, where they remodeled that building as well.

The City of Brawley has developed some programs to help new business get a start if they choose to locate downtown.

It is hoped that the economy will take an upturn and downtown Brawley will make a return to its former glory.



  1. I agree with Lupe. There was a situation where thrift store’s of sort were stacking so much stuff on the sidewalk that you had to walk in the street. Sidewalk sales, like we have every fall for 2 weeks, creates a lot of business. It is a shot in the arm after the slow slow summer. But the sidewalk police stopped us. Now, for a fee, you can have a sale. The City has to find a way to offset their deficit and taxing the businesses out of business seems to be their approach. Problem is there are very few tax producing businesses.

  2. Desert Review nice picture of a clean downtown no clutter on the sidewalks due to no.2013-12 but I think it also eliminated the customers also not 1 person on sidewalks BUT for a FEE a business can put merchandize on sidewalk (what happened to 2013-12) it’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$ if a city government can’t enforce it’s own laws………????

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