Chabelas Restaurant Holds Grand Opening for New Patio Area

Locals enjoy food and beverages at Chabela’s grand opening of the new patio area.

BRAWLEY – Restaurant owners Carlos and Erika Weir had the honor of cutting the ribbon at the unveiling of their Las Chabelas’ Patio Area grand opening Thursday evening in Brawley.

“I just want to thank everybody in the community for their support and for coming out tonight; our city councilmen, our chamber of commerce members, the red carpet committee, and Assemblymen Edward Garcia,” said owner Carlos Weir. “It’s been a great ribbon cutting to introduce to the community our new outside patio area.”

Complimentary food, beverages, and appetizers were provided by Chabelas and The Courtroom Restaurants for the public and employees to enjoy free of charge.

A mitigation grant approved by the Imperial Irrigation District provided the majority of the funds to make the patio expansion possible. The Local Entity Fund was established to help local businesses expand with the intent of creating more services and full time job opportunities for local community members. The overall process of completing the project took roughly two years between applying for the grant and the actual grand opening.

“Chabelas Restaurant was fortunate enough to receive a grant that helped them build this outside structure for the benefit of the public and their patrons,” said George Nava, a Brawley city council member. “The IID Local Entity grant is a great program that benefits not only local businesses, but also the residents of Imperial County, because whenever there are improvements in the community it benefits the people who live in it. It’s a great opportunity for businesses to help themselves expand what they are currently doing and provide job opportunities,” Nava said.

The Hidalgo Society Folkloric Group performed to conclude the evening’s celebration.

“We have the intentions of later on bringing local talent and local musicians for entertainment,” said Weir. “Eight months out of the year the Valley has beautiful weather and we should take advantage; that’s another reason why we are doing this. We hope to eventually host Sunday brunches, Friday night BBQs, birthday party rentals, and non-profit fundraisers.”

“We would like to especially thank the IID and are looking forward to making the patio area a big part of this community,” added Abraham Rubalcava, restaurant office manager.