Central Spartans on roll with second strong victory


EL CENTRO — Hosting the Gila Ridge Hawks Friday, the Central Spartans football squad held on until the final minutes of play to seize their second win of the season with a score of 33-21.

In the first quarter, the Spartans controlled the field scoring two touchdowns, and bringing the score to 12-0.

With the Hawks regaining control of the ball late in the first quarter, Central staunchly held the Hawks to a fourth down punt with 45.8 seconds left on the clock. The Spartans’ Andres Garcia received the punt for a 24-yard gain, with the clock ticking to 31.6 seconds. Central kept the ball the last of the quarter taking it to the 50-yard line.

Starting the second quarter, the Spartans picked up a second down from the 50-yard line, and earned a first down in a pass from Deniro Osuna that connected with receiver Thadeo Campbell. Osuna connected with Campbell again on the next play for a touchdown pass, and the score was 19-0 after a successful extra point field goal.

On their possession, the Hawks scored a touchdown of their own with a pass by Esteban Juarez to wide receiver Jones Dominique in the end zone. A successful field goal attempt brought the score to 19-7.

With the Spartans ahead by 12, Gila Ridge took the field at the start of the third quarter to receive the kick off.

Gila Ridge’s Ty Monroe began the drive with a gain of eight after being brought down by Spartan Kevin Even. The Hawks continued to drive down the field resulting in a touchdown after a run up the middle by the Hawks’ Bruno Sanchez, and the score was 19-14 after a successful extra point field goal.

With 7:00 minutes left in the third quarter, the Spartans received the kick off, but fumbled on the play, giving possession back to the Hawks.

The Hawks’ Sanchez was handed the ball for a long run down the field, but he was eventually taken down by Central’s Michael Sullivan at the 45-yard line. On the next play, the Hawks’ Juarez connected with wide-receiver Dominique for a touchdown, giving the the Hawks the lead with a score of 19-21 to close out the third quarter.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Spartans handed off the ball to Jonathan Medina for an eight-yard gain. On their second down, Osuna completed a pass to Adrian Atondo, moving the ball to the Hawks’ 20-yard line. Finishing off the drive, Osuna handed the ball to Medina for a run up the middle and into the end zone.

After kicking off to Gila Ridge, the Spartans’ defense held the Hawks to a fourth down, to regain possession of the ball.

With the Spartans taking possession, Osuna gave the ball to Medina who ran to the goal line before being brought down. On the next play, Medina ran up the middle one more time for a Spartan touchdown, bringing the final score to 33-21.

Gaining their second win of the season, the Spartans will travel to La Jolla September 8 to face off against the Vikings in an attempt to grab their third consecutive win.