Central Baptist Church hosts annual Ice Cream Social



Central Baptist Church members gather for the “Freeze Off” ice cream competition at the annual Ice Cream Social Sunday.

EL CENTRO - The Central Baptist Church of El Centro hosted its 4th Annual Ice Cream Social and Back-to-School gathering Sunday with a luau-themed event that offered free ice cream, food, games, water slides, and showing a movie.

The main event of the evening was the “Freeze Off” competition, in which church members were encouraged to make their own ice cream to be judged. Five church members participated this year with the hopes of winning.

Paul Creiglow, the lead pastor, stressed the importance of social gathering events amongst church members. He also encouraged people outside of the church to join the fellowships to get a better understanding of the church and members.

Central Baptist Church holds social events all year long, but many of the members’ favorite event is the Ice Cream Social.

Monica Courtnier said she attends the events put on by the church year round. She said she enjoys having family-oriented fun. Her two favorite events are the Ice Cream Socials and Cowboy Sunday, which is an annual barbecue held during Cattle Call weekend. Courtnier said she hopes the fellowship can bring in new church members.

“It’s worth stopping by. This church is very friendly and open to new people. It feels like home,” said Courtnier.

Julie Singh is married to the associate Pastor Jon Singh, and she organized this year’s Ice Cream Social and Back-to-School event. She and her husband worked with the youth group this year to produce their own flavored ice cream for the Freeze Off.

“Many of the church members have a competitive streak, so it’s always fun to have a little competition,” said Singh.

The members of Central Baptist Church said they hope more people will visit, ask questions, and participate in their Sunday services, and they hope to see new faces at their next fellowship event.