Center for Family Solutions gets approval from County


            EL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an agreement with the Center for Family Solutions for Imperial County Family Justice Center.

The victim witness program needed to better serve the valley victims suffering at the hands of family violence and sex abuse. The Center opened a few months prior and is now collaborating with the different county offices that deal with children and adults traumatized by the above issues.

Superintendent Michael Kelley said, “This was a long time coming.”

Outgoing board member Gary Wyatt said, “When I first came on the board 12 years ago, I went to look at a first rate facility, but the price tag was too high for our county. About a year ago I visited a facility in Yuma. I took a far lesser budget, but was a first class outfit. It gave us hope for a place to start for our county. The horror of enduring what these children suffer at the hands of adults is bad enough, but once they are brought into the county for help, they have to retell their story, sometimes 15 times or more. Every time we make this child retell what happened, we traumatize the child all over again. This is why many don’t come for help.”

“This center helps to prevent that. All the agencies are represented at one facility; the victim is treated in a better, more humane manner. This is exactly the type of place the benefit money from renewable energy should be funneled into.”