Celebrant Singers fill El Centro with praise



The Celebrant Singers filled St. Mary’s Church in El Centro on Sunday with their voices and music alongside opening act and local band Day is Last. Roman Flores of Day is Last played the trumpet for the Celebrants during their performance.

For 37 years, the Celebrant Singers have been going to countries all over the world, bringing light into places that are spiritually dark. Founder Jon Stemkoski said, “God gave us a mandate to shine his light. One of those places isn’t the Imperial Valley. The people here have a precious and profound love for The Lord.”

Sean Oliveras, a Celebrant from Exeter, California, has been blessed in more ways than just ministry. Through touring with The Celebrant Singers, Oliveras has visited the countries of Haiti, Columbia, Portugal, and soon, France. The singer was also fortunate enough to meet up with his father in Oklahoma for the first time since he was four years old while on tour with the Celebrants.

Band Day is Last is still preparing for their trip to Guatemala. The band is happy that they won’t be splitting up on their summer tour and can share the experience together. Even though they’ll be leaving to Visalia July 18 for training, then to Guatemala on July 29, fundraising is still in the works as they come closer to meeting their goals.

For information on the Celebrant Singers, visit them at celebrants.org.
To help Day is Last get to Guatemala, go to gofundme.com/dayislast.