Cattle Call Rodeo Queens visit Seeley Elementary

Alexandra Baran, Sarah Grizzle, the bull "Branson" pose with Jack Schlismann, whom competed in the bull riding event
Alexandra Baran, Sarah Grizzle, the bull “Branson” pose with Jack Schlismann, whom competed in the bull riding event

SEELEY- Alexandra Baran, the 2014 Cattle Call Rodeo Queen, and Sarah Grizzle, the 2014 Cattle Call Teen Queen visited Seeley Elementary School on Tuesday morning. This was the second day of the royalty’s school visits and it was a very special day for the children of Seeley Elementary, it was the first Cattle Call Queen visit in seven years, due to scheduling difficulties.

During the queen tour, a myriad of events take place to entertain the students and create awareness for the upcoming rodeo. Brawley resident and residing queen, Alexandra Baran, generated energy by having the students chant “RO-DE-O” at the top of their lungs. This was followed by selecting students to “ride a bull” – which was a stuffed steerhead on a stick. The excitement from the crowd cheering caused the little “bull riders” to pull out their best moves. After eight seconds of pretending to buck, the crowd garnished scores among the competitors.

A very special constestant was chosen by Baran to compete as a bull rider, Mr. Ruben Castro, the Seeley’s School Superintendent. The children cheered the loudest for him as he bucked and loped on his imaginary, crazed bovine.

After the rambunctious bull riding, Teen Queen Sarah Grizzle chose a handful of girls to simulate barrel racing. After Miss Grizzle loped on her stick horse around the sample pattern, the young girls each raced their hearts out on their stick steeds. Some of the shyer girls were happy to have Grizzle run with them for a confidence boost.

The Cattle Call Queen and Teen Queen demonstrated grace and beauty in each event  – they are the true ambassadors to the rodeo. Their presence at the elementary schools inspire young girls to be future queens and the young boys to be aspiring bull riders. Attending most of the Imperial Valley schools is also a great reminder of the upcoming rodeo.

To see the Rodeo Queens and all the rodeo action, be sure to attend the rodeo in Brawley this weekend. Tickets are available in Brawley, at the intersection of Main Street and South Plaza, at the gate on the days of the rodeo, and you can call 760-344-5206 for more information.

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