Cattle Call Queen Clinic


Cattle Call Queen clinicBRAWLEY – Alex Baran, 2014 Cattle Call Queen, dressed in a blue brocade western jacket with her long auburn hair cascading down from her felt Stetson, laughed easily at how just a few short years ago a rodeo queen would not be caught dead without her ‘big hair.”  Styles may change in the rodeo world, but the commitment to represent the valley’s only professional sport and Brawley’s Cattle Call remains the same.

Alex has had several duties as Cattle Call Queen since the hey-day of the annual rodeo has passed. She has ridden in several parades representing the Cattle Call, opened events, given speeches and graced ceremonies with her presence. Alongside her, has been Teen Queen, Sarah Grizzle.

Both girls have done an outstanding job according to Jodi Rollins of the Brawley Chamber of Commerce. They truly show the standards of not only promptness, and being well groomed, but also graciousness and charm.

Their next duty will be to teach the next-in-line what it takes to run for the prestigious titles. There is a shroud of mystery over the preparation, and unfortunately false rumors that come with the territory. Alex, Sarah, and the Brawley Chamber will be holding a Cattle Call Queen clinic to dispel some of the misconceptions associated with the competition.

“You don’t need to be rich, or have a horse, although having a horse makes the competition so much easier. You do need to be a competent rider, and several past queens began their serious riding during the summer. Be prepared to spend hours honing your skills,” Alex said.

“We did an incredible amount of research on the computer, looking for queen clothes sales, studying the latest styles, finding the best bargains. That doesn’t cost anything, but the payoff is invaluable,” Sue Baran, Alex’s mother added.

Both emphasized that there are coaches out there willing to help you through the steps necessary to prepare for running for Cattle Call Queen, plus past queens and contestants have outfits to loan or sell at a reasonable rate.

Jodi Rollins has stepped up as lead for the Brawley Chamber of Commerce to make the contest as fun and glamorous as possible. She is hoping to get contestants from all across the valley.

With the Cattle Call Queen Clinic on May 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Cattle Call Arena in Brawley, the court and the chamber will inform young ladies on what is involved, what to expect, and how not only to be a queen for a day, but a rodeo queen for a year.

The titles are Cattle Call Queen (16 – 23 years old), Cattle Call Teen Queen (13-15) and Little Miss (6-12 years old).

For more information or to register Call Jodi Rollins at the Brawley Chamber of Commerce (760) 344-3160.