Star Route 4-H Float Wins Sweepstakes Award with True Patriots Along for the Ride



Cattle Call Parade


BRAWLEY – Smiling faces, lawn chairs, truck beds filled with chairs, and stands deeply lined both sides of Main Street, as parade-goers eagerly awaited the Cattle Call Parade, one of the major shows of cowboy culture in the United States.

Parade participants came from all parts of the county, including military service men, students, clubs, and even the hospitals, filling the parade route with floats, music, and talent; many showing entertaining talent as they made their way down the parade route.

Colorful floats lined up as early as 6:30 Saturday morning, hurriedly decorating with finishing touches and practicing their routines to prepare for judging. The many floats competed to place in their division and hopefully win the Sweepstakes award and a $1,000 grand prize, which went to the Star Route 4-H Club this year.

The Star Route 4-H Club created a float dedicated to United States veterans, thanking them for their service to our nation and our freedom. Students, along with their families, and 4-H leader Maryann Smith, volunteered and donated their time and money to put the float together, decorating, building and painting it in their spare time over the past several weeks.

The float displayed this country’s red, white, and blue, along with young 4-H members, dressed up as classic cowboys, cowgirls, and even rodeo clowns that are the humorous part of every Cattle Call rodeo and parade.  However, the highlight and true stars of the float were the military service members who rode along with them.

The service members were Sailors AC3 Roderick Blake and AC2 Michael Kearney from Base Operations, Naval Base NAF in El Centro, who work the air traffic controller towers. Also,  Airman 1st class Daniel Juarez from Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, who works fuel systems maintenance on C-130’s, and Marine Gunnery Sergeant Joshua Pendley, the Chief Drill Instructor from Marine Corp Recruit Depot in San Diego who oversees the training of Marine recruits.

These four men currently serving in the United States Military volunteered their time on a warm November day, in full dress uniform, to join eager 4-H students and represent the many other veterans who serve and have served our country.