Carly Bogue Formally Sentenced



Photo of surviving horse from July 5, 2015.

BRAWLEY – After several delays by Carly Bogue’s attorney, Robert Espinosa, Imperial County Superior Court Judge Diane Altamirano sentenced Bogue on December 29, 2015 to three years of formal probation, plus other criteria.

Initially, Bogue was charged with four felony counts of animal cruelty for the deaths of three horses and the near-death of one surviving horse. The horses were found on July 5 with no water, food, or shade in 100-plus temperatures.

Carly Bogue
Carly Bogue

Bogue eventually plead guilty to one felony count of cruelty to an animal, Wednesday, November 4, in connection to the deaths.

On December 16, Bogue was to be formally sentenced, but her attorney requested that sentencing be moved to January 12, 2016.

In the interim, her attorney got the judge to move up the date to December 29, 2015.

Part of Bogue’s sentencing includes completing 40 hours of community service at an animal sanctuary, she must pay restitution for the horses, and pay $370 in court fees and fines. Bogue also must get counseling and show proof. She has a Fourth Amendment waiver, in that she is subject to search and seizure at any time. Finally, Bogue can not own horses.

Imperial County Deputy District Attorney Marco Nunez said the sentence may appear light, but the felony charge will stick with her and if she fails to follow the judges orders, she could do jail time.

The surviving horse, Cash, is being cared for in an undisclosed location. The horse is recovering. It is gaining weight and beginning to look better, according to its caretaker.


  1. This is just another victom of one of thousands of DA’s with serial killer mentalities that will do whatever it takes to get its next victom.

  2. Yes something horribly went wrong the horses died and one barely survived, give them a break! As soon as Carly owns up for what she did not only to the horses but to people close to her…then I will give her a break, she has done nothing but lie from day one about the horses and people that were close to apologies nothing…she had six months to right the wrong..nothing!! My husband and I was nothing but good to her and what we got was her telling the Da we owned the horses knowingly my husband is dying from cancer I guess our name means nothing she didn’t want the bogue name on the document when she had the carcusis picked up…no sympathy here….

  3. I don’t know Carly, but her mother is an amazing widow business owner who raised her family well. Something went horribly wrong, but I’m sure she and her family have suffered shame, ridicule, and down-right abusive hatred! Give her and her family a break and give her an opportunity to right this wrong!

  4. Such BS for Bogue. She should also loose her feedstore and never own any animals. If she ever moves out of the valley she should have to register like sex offenders do so then no other animal ever gets treated like that again.

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