Carli Rose Crowned Brawley Cattle Call Queen 2013



HOLTVILLE – Saturday evening at the Barbara Worth Country Club, Kristen Sharp crowned Carli Rose, 20, the new Brawley Cattle Call Queen.  The blonde haired, green-eyed cowgirl is a Valley native and began riding at a young age which turned into barrel racing, gymkhanas, and pole bending. 

Carli wore an aqua-colored lambskin gown, custom designed by Julie Ewing of Texas. The gown was an elegant mixture of leather and lace, Swarovski crystals and sequins. She finished the look with matching boots and her white stetson.

Carli said, “I’m really looking forward to the school visits. The children’s eyes just light up when we come. They love our sparkly outfits and they love the rodeo.”

Moments earlier, Cailee Roper, 13 of Brawley, became the 2013 Teen Queen. She is the 2nd oldest of 5 girls and the second in the family to hold the title. Her sister, Chelsey, was the 2011 Teen Queen.

Cailee said, “We are excited about developing new, fresh skits to do at the schools, but the funnest part will be the Queen Run at the Rodeo!”

Although the evening’s outcome was known, the committee still went to full lengths for coronation. A slide show of past queens entertained as guests bid on the silent auction. Another table displayed the impressive gifts for both Queen and Teen Queen, including saddles for both made by famed local saddler, John  Burgun of Roo Hide Saddlery.  A generous slab of prime rib, cheesy scalloped potatoes, salads, and deserts fed the crowded room.

A first for the event was modeling by local cowgirls, Ali Hannon, Chelsey Roper, Victoria Wysocki, Hannah Cartee, Chloe Roper, Cidnee Roper, and Ruby Robbins with western clothes from Brawley Work Wear and Valley Girls Boutique.

Gifts included tons of hay, gasoline, jewelry, chaps, restaurant cards, and an emergency tote bag, all necessary for queens with non-stop schedules up to and including the Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo.

The Queens now start promoting the upcoming Brawley Rodeo to service clubs and schools. The Cattle Call Festivities have started unofficially, but the official start will be the Chili Cook-off November 2 on Main Street at the Plaza in Brawley.