Cardenas market opens store in Calexico with grand opening

Customers line up to attend the grand opening Friday for the new Cardenas market located at 2370 Imperial Avenue in Calexico.

CALEXICO - The grand opening for the new Cardenas market in Calexico took place Friday. Spear-headed by Cardenas’ public affairs director, Marco Robles, the opening event was lively and packed with local customers.

Robles explained the importance of the location choice for the new store, saying residents had already requested to open a Cardenas market in Calexico several times, so it was easy for Cardenas executives to choose that location. With the Calexico store opening, Robles anticipated public satisfaction and much more.

“Our hope is that the expansion of this store expands job opportunities and other economic opportunities,” said Robles.

The parking lot for Cardenas was busy and filled to capacity and the opening of the new store appeared to have brought life back to the small plaza in Calexico.

Robles said he was not surprised at the amount of customers flooding through the doors, even though there was minimal advertising for the new store. After the constant requests to open another Cardenas market in Calexico, Robles said he expected and even welcomed the hectic nature of the grand opening.

As Calexico is the most southern city in Imperial Valley, it appears store officials made a good choice in opening a store that sells homemade tortillas, tamales, and other authentic Mexican cuisine.

“This is one of the furthest stores south in the chain,” said Robles.

The doors were closed as Cardenas employees rushed to make sure everything was perfect. The crowd of customers conversed and dissolved into laughter as they waited.

At 11:08 a.m., the entrance opened and customers cheered and clapped their hands as they rushed in through the doors and began shopping.

Many of the patrons seemed to be in awe at the new, clean facility. Carmen Perez, a loyal customer to Cardenas, said she traveled from her residence in Imperial to attend the opening event.

“It’s beautiful, and I’m so glad to have a second Cardenas in the Valley,” said Perez.

Many attested that the El Centro parking lot of Cardenas is often full and hectic with long lines at the store. It was hoped that opening the second location in Calexico may to decongest some of the traffic in El Centro.

If the busy crowd waiting to get into the new store was any indication, the grand opening appeared successful.


  1. It sure would be nice to know where the new market is located…Everything in this article but the physical location. WWWWW, you missed it

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