Calipatria Hornets Rout San Pasqual Valley Warriors



Marco Perez (#1) aides his team with big run in the second quarter for a first down.
The Hornets’ Marco Perez (#1) gains a big run in the second quarter for a first down in Friday night’s game against the San Pasqual Valley Warriors.

CALIPATRIA — The Calipatria Hornets hosted the San Pasqual Valley Warriors Friday night in a game where the Hornets made small work of the Warriors, finishing with a huge win of 30-6. With this win, the Hornets claim their fourth win of the season and are riding high before their first league game against Vincent Memorial Friday, October 7.

At the start of the first quarter, the Hornets proved well-prepared for the evening scoring two quick touchdowns. Quarterback Robert Cervantes (#4) led his team up the field with runs by George Rubalcava (#34).

Heading into the second quarter, the Hornets were over the Warriors 12-0. With the Warriors gaining possession early in the quarter, their offense tried fighting back to lower the deficit before the half. Despite the Warriors’ efforts, the Hornets adequately read the offense plays, shutting their opponent down for the remainder of the first half.

With six minutes left in the second quarter, the Hornets’ defense forced the Warriors to punt late in the quarter giving Hornets a favorable bounce and winning them great field position on their own 40-yard line.

For the first play of this possession, Cervantes (#4) threw another long ball to fullback Rubalcava (#34) for a big gain and a Hornet first down. Following this play, Cervantes, eager to lead his team to the victory, kept the ball for a big gain and earning a first down.

With the gift of a first down from their quarterback, the Hornets came back to the line fired up and ready to get the next play underway. Cervantes connected with Rubalcava one more time scoring another six points. The momentum was still in favor of the Hornets, so Head Coach Mike Swearingen called for a two-point conversion, but it failed.

dsc_0067With the Hornets kicking off to the Warriors, San Pasqual Valley had one last chance to get their team on the board before the end of the first half. But the Hornets proved their continued control of the pace of the game by sacking the Warriors’ quarterback multiple times, for a loss of yards. To end the half, the Warriors were forced to punt to the Hornets, and Calipatria ran the final seconds of the half off the clock.

After the half, Calipatria managed the field just as well as the first half by scoring another touchdown and increasing their lead over San Pasqual. With the Warriors still unable to drive the ball against the Hornets, they remained scoreless at the end of the third quarter.

The Hornets kicked off to the Warriors to start the fourth quarter, and San Pasqual took advantage with good field position to start the drive. San Pasqual finally scored its first and only touchdown of the evening, but the Hornets were quick to answer back with the team’s fifth touchdown of the night.

By the end of the game, the Hornets came out well on top with a final score of 30-6, giving Calipat its first win of the season just in time for the start of league play.