Calipatria Hornets host preseason scrimmages with Valley schools

The Southwest Eagles’ Reece Quintero (#17) makes a tackle against a CETYS running back during Friday’s scrimmage at Calipatria High School.

CALIPATRIA – With the 2017 football season up and coming, the Calipatria Hornets Friday hosted several schools from around Imperial Valley, including two Mexicali teams, for preseason scrimmage games.

Unlike a regulation football game, the scrimmages required both teams to receive 20 plays on offense before switching to defense and allowing the opposite team 20 plays of their own on offense.

“These preseason scrimmages allow teams to come and and show off their top prospects for the season,” said Holtville’s Head Coach Jason Turner. “Also, the coaches are able to see what aspects of the game their team needs to work on before the start of the season.”

Kicking off the scrimmages were the Holtville Vikings and the Calexico Bulldogs. The Vikings took possession first, and began practicing their signature run game. A key part of the Vikings’ offense was running back David Hernandez, who showed his talents by exploding into the end zone.

“After watching my team play, there are a few technical aspects of the offense we need to fix, but the real task of our team is to become more unified in helping each other make the big plays out on the field,” said Turner.

On the other side of the half-field, the Calipat Hornets and Southwest Eagles tested their pre-season moves. Although the Hornets pushed back, experienced the force of a bigger school as the Eagles took ownership of the field by running and passing the ball into the end zone. The Hornets answered with a couple of touchdowns of their own to test the waters for the upcoming season.

“These scrimmage match ups allow teams to test their strategies and make the adjustments necessary to get ready for the season ahead,” said Mike Swearingen, Calipatria’s head coach.

For the next stage of scrimmages, the Eagles took on CETYS University of Mexicali, while the Hornets faced off against Instituto Salvatierra to get in a second game.

The Central Spartans played the two late games, starting off against the Calexico Bulldogs and tearing through the Bulldogs’ defense by throwing multiple passes into the end zone.

Closing out the evening, the Spartans faced off against the Instituto Salvatierra to complete their two games.

“The plan for the Spartans is to get used to the system these coaches are trying to run and that is the major aspect of the game that our team needs to learn to be successful in the upcoming season,” commented Head Coach David Pena.

For most Imperial Valley schools, the 2017 football season will begin August 25, setting the tone for the season ahead.