California Home Visiting Program gets approval for funding application




EL CENTRO – In 2012, the Board of Supervisors approved a Home Visiting Program for Imperial County to be administered by the Public Health Department.

The Program is a five year federal initiative designed to implement evidence- based programs that have a demonstrated ability to improve maternal and child health.

The Board on Tuesday authorized Public Health to apply for a $652,792 application for continued funding for the third year.

Participation in the California Home Visiting Program requires the Public Health department to adhere to both state and federal standards and guidelines.

This is an intensive case management program designed to work with families for 3-5 years.

Because of the intensive nature of the HFA program, Imperial County was funded to serve a total of 100 families.

The Board also authorized Robin Hodgkin, Director of Public Health, to sign an agreement with Healthy Families /Prevent Child Abuse America’s national office to provide training and begin the accreditation process.

Hodgkin can now sign MOUs with project partners.