Calif. Obamacare Navigators Get $58 for Each Enrollee



Dana Howard, the deputy director of California’s Healthcare Exchange program, appeared on conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt’s program on Friday where he revealed an interesting detail about the incentives for Affordable Care Act navigators. Howard revealed that enrollment counselors are paid $58 for each individual they successfully enroll in the California’s insurance exchanges.

Hewitt quizzed Howard about the steps that California is taking in order to ensure that the data potential ACA enrollees provide to enrollment counselors is secure. When Hewitt asked how many counselors there were in the state and what they were paid, Howard revealed that there were slightly less than 1,500 presently and they were not paid directly by the state.

However, Howard did reveal that counselors are “paid $58 per successful enrollment.”

“There’s a bounty on enrollment?” Hewitt asked.

“There is not a bounty on enrollment,” Howard clarified. “The enrollment entities are paid $58 per successful enrollment.”

“When did that policy get adopted?” Hewitt asked.

“That has always been,” Howard replied.  He could not, however, say whether other states were pursuing a similar policy.

The navigators have come under withering scrutiny from conservative videographer James O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas.”

His group most recently released a video accusing the director of Enroll America of conspiring to release private data for political purposes, The Blaze reported.

The group’s first undercover video focused on government workers advising clients to lie, ignore procedures, and evade legal requirements when signing up for Obamacare.