Calexico’s Blast from the Past: Greatest Hits and Dance Moves from the ’60s and ’70s



CALEXICO – Decked out in brightly colored fashions from the past, Imperial Valley residents boogied Friday to the greatest hits from the ’60s and ’70s such as Fue En Un Café, La Plaga, El Moño Colorado, La Cadenita and Coco Rayado at an event sponsored by Calexico’s Rec Department at the Community Center.

Wearing spectacular go-go dresses with psychedelic prints, bell bottoms, wigs, and platform shoes, the women boogied to popular dance moves such as The Twist, The Swim and La Liquadora. Leisure suits as well as tie dye t-shirts and bell bottoms worn by the men completed the look for the era.

“This is an event that I am very proud of, since it targets the senior community of Calexico,” said Carmen Maldonado of the Calexico Recreation Department, and event coordinator. “Who doesn’t like music and this era? I enjoy serving my community and feel accomplished. The event sold out in two days. With a maximum capacity of 240, the event was a complete success.”

“Feels great to go back in the past, I am a 60’s child, this reminds me of my college days” said Sammy Pacheco who attended the dance with friends and family. “I am a Beatles fanatic,” stated Pacheco.

Typical sixties and seventies slang and phrases such as “groovy, boogie, far out” and “can you dig it,” were heard throughout the night.

“I am having an amazing time,” said Maldonado as the song entitled “La Cadenita” began to play. “This is my song, everyone knows this is my song,” she said as she danced her way onto the dance floor.

Calexico Recreation Department organizes events such this one once a month, and when possible, twice a month.

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